Richard Dunn Sports Centre, Rooley Avenue, Bradford. BD6 1EZ




 BEST IN SHOW - Spindlepoint President

Best Opposite Sex - Brymarden Honeybun

BEST PUPPY IN SHOW - Ricksbury Royal Sovereign


Bitch C.C. - Claydon's Brymarden Honeybun


Reserve Bitch CC - Vella's Cinderaic Taboo

Best Puppy Bitch - Whitfield's Bevelmount Santa-Fe


Best Veteran Bitch - Turnbull's Peakdown Penny Layne



Bitch results Judge Jill Sheard
Thank you to the Northern C.K.C.S.S .officers and committee for inviting me to judge at your championship show. I am also very grateful to my two stewards for keeping my ring running smoothly and of course I must give a big thank you to the most important people, the exhibitors. I was looking for a sound, free moving, pretty Cavalier and I was very pleased with my final line up it was a great pleasure to go over your bitches they were all so beautifully presented.

Veteran Bitch 2ent.
1st Mrs S & Miss B Rees. Ch Tuscula Carmella at Embeth
Very pretty 8 year old Tri with a lovely clear face, dark eyes and an appealing soft expression. Moved well holding her top line, showed happily.
2nd Mrs M Scott. Lorphil Lalibertie
Nicely marked Blenheim of 8 years she has good nose pigment and a kind dark eye, moved well but did not have the finish of my winner.

Vintage Bitch 1ent.
1st Mr & Mrs C Turnbull. Peakdown Penny Layne B.V.I.S.
This 12 year old little girl denies her age. What a pretty head lovely soft expression and beautiful long leathers framing her face. Her movement was sound both ways keeping a firm top line.

Minor Puppy Bitch 16ent. 2ab.
1st Mr & Mrs M & D Whitfield. Bevelmount Santa-Fe B.P.Bitch
Pretty ruby baby nice round dark eye, good pigment, high ear set giving her the correct head shape. Short coupled and well made throughout therefore moved soundly both ways. A very happy puppy
2nd Mrs S Mangham. Charnavale Perfect Angel
This Blenheim young lady was just a tad longer in body than my winner. She has beautiful well broken markings and a lovely soft expression she strode out well round the ring showing happily.
3rd Brewer/Moody. Bowfort Black Bonnet

Puppy Bitch 5ent. 1abs.
1st J. Floyd. Carolus Miss Emily
Pretty Blenheim with dense nose pigment and kind dark eyes, her markings are well broken but very much a baby coat which I’m sure will improve. She is well put together and her movement showed this as she went round the ring.
2nd L. Gow. Lyncraeg Marnie
Another Blenheim baby not quite the balance of the winner she also has lovely dark eyes and the correct expression, her coat was a beautifully soft and smooth, moved happily.
3rd Mr & Mrs D Bailey. Aldoricka Liana

Junior Bitch 7ent. 2abs.
1st M. & A. Fox- Shone. Pamedna Eternity
Richly marked well broken Blenheim dark eye and pigment good reach of neck set into well laid back shoulders moved extremely well both ways keeping level topline.
2nd L. King-Smith. Ispahan Sister Midnight
Pretty Blenheim dark expressive eyes and well broken coat with a good firm top line sound movement not as positive behind as my winner.
3rd L. Greenhalgh. Lacervali Angel Eyes

Yearling Bitch 11ent. 1abs.
1st Mrs & Miss Long. Arroline Euphoria
Lovely little feminine Blenheim with dark expressive eyes also sporting the valued lozenge well constructed moved happily excellent tail carriage.
2nd Tarabad & Whitman. Khatibi Amber Lynne
Pretty ruby in beautiful condition dark eye and pigment short coupled very well balanced moved well.
3rd L.Hughes. Loranka’s so Scrumptious

Novice Bitch 6ent. 1abs.
1st L.Hughes. Loranka’s so Heavenly
Blenheim with dark eyes and a kind appealing head rich chestnut markings short coupled level top line moved well both ways.
2nd Mr & Mrs R Lee. Calonlan Love Actually for Kelrick
A lighter marked Blenheim dark eye and pigment kept her top line on the move a little longer in body than my 1st.
3rd D.& J. Crossley Carolus Miss Elizabeth

Graduate Bitch 8ent.
1st L. Byrne. Chantismere Chanson D’Amour
A very pretty richly marked Blenheim with dark eyes and the sweetest expression well put together looked good on the move perhaps a little too much condition.
2nd Mrs D Mclaine Lochbuie Taken for Granted
B/T in beautiful coat shone like a silver shilling melting expression with tan in all the right places moved and showed well.
3rd Tarabad & Whitman. Khatibi Amber Lynne

Post Graduate Bitch 5ent.
1st L. Hughes. Loranka’s Rainbow Dreams
Blenheim of lovely size very pretty head beautiful dark eyes good reach of neck very well balanced moved well both ways.
2nd M. Hegarty. Chantismere Loretta
Blenheim of similar type to my winner lovely dark eye well broken markings moved well happy show girl.
3rd Mrs Richard. Kringleholme Seruna J.W.

Limit Bitch 3ent. 1 abs.
1st Mr & Mrs Sidgwick. Salegreen Peony for Paulian JW SHCM
A lighter marked Blenheim lovely clear face excellent pigment and dark eyes her coat was in wonderful condition she is well constructed kept her top line on the move would prefer her a tad shorter.
2nd Mrs E Berwick. Harana Hello Dolly at MerryLaine
A more heavily marked Blenheim than 1st but still well broken appealing dark eyes and expression moved well keeping her top line.

SP. Open B/T Bitch 2ent.1abs.
1st Mrs A Rennard. Deranmar Evensong
This little B/T stood alone here but has the quality to hold her own in any class of any size, she is so pretty with lovely eyes and bright tan markings in great condition moved well and showed happily.

Sp. Open Ruby 5ent.
1st M & A Fox-Shone. Pamedna Cherie Amour
What a rich Ruby coat this young lady possesses in beautiful bloom lovely dark eyes she is so well constructed throughout her movement was excellent.
2nd Mrs E Berwick/Miss Koster. Harana Peggy Lee Merrylaine
Very feminine little girl with lovely eyes her ruby coat in good condition showed well keeping a firm top line on the move.
3rd Tarabad & Whitman. Khatibi Amber Lynne

Sp. Open Blenheim Bitc 2ent.
1st Mr & Mrs B Claydon. Brymarden Honeybun
This little Blenheim catches your eye the minute she walks into the ring and on the table she does not disappoint from the tip of her nose to the end of her tail everything is in the right place she has the most beautiful clear face, dense pigment, soft dark appealing eyes and well feather ears to fame her beauty all this leads into her well made short couple body and good tail set she moved round the ring effortlessly completely at one with her handler. It was a pleasure to award her the Bitch CC BOS
2nd Mr & Mrs C Turnbull. Peaksdown Mystic
A Blenheim with rich chestnut markings another very pretty bitch from this kennel with a very appealing head dark eyes and good pigment moved soundly a very happy showgirl.

Sp. Open Tri. Bitch 5ent.
1st Mrs S Rees & Miss B. Embeth Bonny Boat J.W.
A very attractive Tri bright tan markings strides out well round the ring keeping a firm level top line showed happily.
2nd Mrs L Hughes Loranka’s Beautiful Moments
Another lovely Tri not quite the appeal of my 1st but still a nice short coupled compact body moved well, used her tail happily but never above her back.
3rd Mrs M Scott Toscam Mckayla

Breeders Bitch 4 ent.1abs.
1st Mr A Vella Cinderaic Taboo
I loved this Blenheim such kind dark eyes, dense pigment with that beautiful gentle expression that we all strive for all leading into her well made short coupled body she is very well balanced, she moved and showed well for her handler.Bitch R.CC
2nd Mrs M Scott Toscam Mckayla
A Tri girl with very good pigment extremely long leathers framing her attractive head she moved holding her top line and carrying her tail well.
3rd L Greenhalgh Lacervali Angel Eyes

Open Bitch 5ent.
1st Mrs A Bayliss Castlewytch Touch of Class J.W
This beautiful sound bitch looked a picture in this strong class her outline shows her reach of neck and well angled shoulders she uses her hind action to perfection therefore covers the ground so well.
2nd Rix & Berry Ricksbury Royal Tapestry
Another lovely bitch with a very appealing head rich Blenheim markings compact body showed and moved extremely well, preferred the head of my first .
3rd A. Bubb Wandris Cute as a Button J.W.