Richard Dunn Sports Centre, Rooley Avenue, Bradford. BD6 1EZ




 BEST IN SHOW - Spindlepoint President JW

Best Opposite Sex - Brymarden Honeybun

BEST PUPPY IN SHOW - Ricksbury Royal Sovereign


Dog C.C. - Waddington's Spindlepoint President JW


Reserve Dog CC - Rix's Ricksbury Poldark

Best Puppy Dog - Rix's Ricksbury Royal Sovereign


Best Veteran Dog - Koster Ch. Harana Alfie Boe


Thank you for inviting me to judge and to the exhibitors for their entry. Thanks also to my experienced Stewadrs. There were a number of dogs with small eyes which is very hard to breed out.

Veteran dog. 3.
1st Koster Ch Haran Alfie Boe. B/tan in Superb coat and condition. Soft expression with cushioned muzzle. Large dark round eyes. Correct ear set. Moved well keeping a gootop line. BVIS.

2nd Ellisiana Adonis. 7 year old blen. Have always admired him. Sweet expression. Good neck and well placed shoulders. Level top line. Moved with drive. Unlucky to meet my winner today.
3rd Mangham Maibee Perfect Touch of Charnavale.

Vintage Dog. 1.
1st. Walker Korolevsky Iosif Shcm. Blen of 11 years. Nice head andexpression with cushioned muzzle. Moved well for age.

Minor Puppy Dog. 8 (3a)
1st Rix Ricksbury Royal Sovereign, 8 month old richly marked Blen with a classic head shape. Flat skull with good ear set. Large dark eyes. Good Pigment. He has moderate length of neck slightly arched going into well laid shoulderfs. Level top line. Good tail carriage. His movement was parallel front and back. BPD and BPIS.
2nd Bubb. Wandris Evanly Legacy. 8 month Blen with a good coat. Large dark eyes. Good pigment and gentle expression. Good head shape. Level top line and moved with drive
3rd Rogerson/Evams Svena Witch Hunt.

PD. 4 (1a)
1st Rees S/B Embeth Wishmaker. 9 month blen. Well broken with correct head shape. Dark eyes and good pigmentation. He has a moderate neck, good spring of rib. Level top line which he kept on the move. Nice boy.
2nd Crlossley Tameline Dante Tri boy good size. Nice dark eye giving lovely expression. Well liad shoulders. Level top line which he held on the move.
3rd Fox Lynmilly Mister Blue Sky.
JD. 6
1st Rogerson Rabymar Crimson Moon. 11 month old ruby with good pigment. Dark eyes, Good cushioning givinglovelyexpression. Well laid shoulders level top line which held when moving.
2nd Crane Cranvarl Washington. Loved the head on this one. Very pleasing expression. Nice size. Well placed shoulders. Well-presented coat. Moved well.
3rd Nichol Chantismere Choir Boy.

Y D. 4.
1st Bayliss Castlewytch Red Admiral. Well balanced dog with lovely head shape . High set ears. Large dark eyes. Correct bit. Black pigment good reach of neck, well laid shoulders. Good turn of stifle and moved well.
2nd Hindle Spindlepoint Donovan with ellisiana. 17 month old blen. Quite a handsome youngster. Quality head good ear set. Dark eyes and good pigmentation. Level top line. Moved well.
3rd. Price Ouzlewells Lad for almonroyd.

Novice dog 3.
1st Rogerson Rabymar Crimson Moon.
2nd Crossley Tameline Dante.
3rd Campbell Toraylac Hers Hector with Avalric.

G. D., 3.
1st Hughes Lorankas Glory days. 16 month old blen of good breed type. He was presented in excellent condition. Dark eyes correct bit. Moderate neck. Level top line and moved and showed well.
2nd REnnard Deranmar Endeavour.B/tan Pleasing gentle expression Good rich tan in right places. Good top line moved well keeping level top line.
3rd Campbell Kinvaar Cloud Burst over Alevric.

PG dog 3.
1st Bubb Jardanic Evanly Touch Wandreis.JW. Well marked Blen with a lovely head and eye. Well feathered ears. Nicely bodied show and moved well.
2nd Evans Regaldeni Romeo B?tan dog sweet expression. Dark kind eyes good coat and body oved ok.
3rd. Barwell/Brewer Cahrlottetown Franklin via Bowfort.
Limit Dog 8 (1a).
1st Tarabad/Whitman. Khatibi Bark Obama JW, GlamourousB/Tan with sweet expression. Correct muzzle. Large dark round eyes. Very stylish on the move. Kept a level top line.
2nd Wattds Jamesbonnt Josey Wale. JW. Nicely marked Blen. Dark Eyes well filled muzzle. Black pigment. Well placed shoulders. Moved well.
3rd Nichol Chantismere Chamberlain.

Sp Open B/T/ 3
1st. Koster Haran Dean Martin. Very Glamorous Well coated Raven black coat with correct Richly marked tan. Large round dark eyes nice head shape. Moved well keeping a level top line
2nd. Kynaston Granasil Von Trap JW. Stronger in head but a nice gentle expression. In good coat which was well presented Rich tan markings. Good top line. Moved well.
3rd Lloynd Crimbledale Genesis.

Sp. Open ruby. 4
1st Kynaston Granasil Nugget. Rich ruby with nice eyes, good cushioning giving lovely expression. Well laid should level topline which held on the move.
2nd. Whitfiled Bevelmont Red Beaujolais. JW. Handsoe well coated ruby with nice expression. Dark eyes. Good reach of neck and top line. Moved well.
3rd Hughes Granasil Lovelace Lorank.

Sp O Blen 6.
1st Mrs/Miss Long. Arroline Infinity. JW Richly marked blem Good head with soft expression. Dark eyes. In cgood coat. Well balanced dog who moved well both ways showing good drive behind and using himself well on the move.
2nd Walkers Chantismere Charade Kayceekey Richly marked Blen whos is well put together. Sound dog good top line, Moved well.
3rd. Barwell/Brewer Bepa Bowfort Touch of class for Charlottetown.

Sp Open Triu. 5.
1st Hegarty Chantismere Conquistador. 3 year old well balanced boy of nice size. Good pigment. Carried himself with a good top line. Moved Well.
2nd Fox/Shone Pamedna Renaissance. With a pleasing head. Dark eyes. Nicely bodied in firm condition. Gleaming coat. Good top line.on move.
3rd. Lee Kellrick Flapjack JW.
Breeders Dog. 5
1st Waddington Spindlepoint President JW. Blen with a lovely head eye and expression. Glorious Well set Ears. Good coat and colour. Nice reach of neck well laid shoulders. Straight front. Good Spring of rip. Level top line. Strong hind quarters and moved well. Worthy to be a champion. Pleased to award him CC and went onto Best in Show. Thanks to the referee. Mr. J. Tranter
2nd Rix Ricksbury Poldark Lovely well broken Blen. Well balanced with gent expxression given by large dark eyes, and good cushionsing. Good reach of neck. Well placed shoulders. Nice turn of stiffly. Moved well. RCC. RBIIS.
3rd Hughes Ch Loranks Cupid JW.
Open Dog 2 (1a).
1stAbrahams Severine FR Ch James Brown of Sevijeans(ATC No AU02183~Fra). Well bbalcanced dog. Good in head skull eye and ears. Leve Top line. Moved well.

Judge. J. Spark.