SUNDAY 23rd September 2021

Sandylands Centre, Stafford County Showground, Stafford.


BITCH JUDGE:- Mrs. M. Fox-Shone (Pamedna)










Judging one’s breed at a Club Championship show is always a privilege and an honour and indeed this was no exception and I would like to thank the Committee, my efficient stewards Sue and Norma and all the exhibitors for making this a most enjoyable event. The Show had drawn a record entry, so far in the show calendar, so it was no surprise that I could find many excellent examples of lovely our breed. I loved my final line up of bitches and shortlisted 5 for the ticket, all of whom I genuinely esteemed were worthy of top honours in my opinion. Others on the day needed more maturity, coat or condition.
However, it isn’t all rosy in the garden. Although there were some lovely bitches in this entry there was a distinct lack of depth of quality, particularly in the younger classes, which I find worrying as these are our next generation breeding girls! We must all try to breed from the best bitches we can. Don’t settle for second best, a good rule of thumb is, the bitch puppies you keep should be as good as or hopefully better than their mum. If not, you risk going backwards with your bitch line and everyone knows the bitch line is the strength behind every successful kennel. Look for Type, Soundness, Quality ...every time. Hind movement at the moment is especially a concern and varying croups and tail sets. Temperaments were wonderful, as always and most of the girls were beautifully presented and showed well.
I was more than happy to select 5 in my final decision making but every dog has its day and I was continually drawn to the open winner who looked fabulous, in full gleaming coat and was really on hers toes today ...I had no hesitation in giving her her 3rd CC, and with it her Crown, HUGHES’ four and half year old tricolour LORANKA’S BEAUTIFUL MOMENTS and later on the Referees’ choice she went Best In Show. Delighted for her owner. RCC went to second in Open, another lovely tri and very worthy Champion, LONG’S CH ARROLINE ECLIPSE JW. My Best Puppy Bitch was a very promising, lovely balanced, nicely marked blenheim baby, RIX’S STAVONGA SEA CHANGE AT RICKSBURY.

Class 14 Veteran Bitch (5, 0 abs)

1st Owen’s Narayden Diva Fever At Hansowens
11 year old, Black and Tan shown in fabulous, gleaming coat and great condition, credit due to her owner. A lovely size, very pretty, soft expression, bright eyes, still has super nose pigment, moved and shown really well. Could teach the younger ones how to move! A quality lady still looking great. Responded well to her handler.

2nd Hughes’ CH. Loranka’s Moments Like This
Attractive, well broken tri, 7 years, worthy champion, short coupled, well off for bone, moved soundly but a little uncooperative at times with her handler, still enjoying her day out. Quality exhibit.
3rd Lewis’ Carleeto Midnight Dream JW SHCM

Res Owens’ Narayden Bianca

VHC Hawkins’ Pendrailier Melody

Class 15 Minor Puppy Bitch (4, 0) abs

1st Rix’s Stavonga Sea Change at Ricksbury
litter siblings 1 and 2 of very similar mould, both nicely broken up markings , good rich colour, nice body shapes, balanced , lovely top lines and kept on the move, at the moment I prefer the head of one and her expression is soften but time will tell, both lovely puppies . One was more exuberant than 2, or maybe 2 was better behaved? Coats of correct texture Both promising babes and will change positions many times for sure.

2nd Hogan’s Stavonga Secret Crush
Was more steady on the move than her sister.

3rd Diddle’s Heartfriend Polish UR Halo

Res Tarabad/Whitman’s Khatibi Dot Com

Class 16 Puppy Bitch (9,2 abs)
My notes say, difficult class, such variations of puppies all at different stages and varying qualities
1st Spall’s Korraines Fanfare for Llapsttam
10 months, heavily marked tricolour of ideal size and, moderate bone, won this troupe of puppies on her well balanced, beautiful shape and make. Very well constructed, loved her shoulders and good strong hind quarters, moved well, especially smart in profile. Well handled. A useful bitch

2nd Jackson’s Amantra Florist
11month, lightly marked tri, again a lovely size and ample bone, attractive head ,dark eyes, gentle expression, just needs to mature all through coat and body, moved steady.

3rd Hughes’ Loranka’s So Angelic

Res Hogans Stavonga Skylark

VHC Watt’s Jamesbonny Christmas Robyn

Class 17 Junior Bitch (11, 1abs)
1st Long’s Arroline Elixir
Another quality bitch from this kennel, ideally sized, 17 months black and tan, loved her balance, make and shape, stood four square, showing off her neck and table top top-line, well angulated, head coming nicely, lovely rich tan and nice dark eyes, correct ear set, well feathered. Moved well and at one with her handler. Shown in good condition, coat coming along. Promising youngster

2nd Jackson’s Fortunamajor Shining Star
16 months well broken, blen, rich chestnut markings, a nice overall type, lovely head and expression, slightly larger than one, very exuberant character, tendency to overstretch a little when standing which spoils her shape, just so happy to please attitude, when settled moved well and very well handled. Just needs to firm up all through. Quality bitch.

3rd Parson’s Anjomil Harvest Moon

Res Key’s Lyndabelle Dilly Rose

VHC Water’s Sweetbriar Sundae

Class 18 Yearling Bitch (15, 5abs)

1st Cunningham’s Verheyen Violet
22 months blen beauty, oozes type and quality. I loved her size, lovely moderate bone, beautifully balanced, richly coated, she has a very pretty head, lovely large dark round eyes, giving melting expression, just wanted her to lift up those ears! Nice pigment, shown in lovely condition, stood four square and moved steadily but seemed a little preoccupied today and a little unsettled, I could not deny her this class and pulled out in my last 5 but she didn’t want to play today. A super little bitch. Champion in the making to be sure.

2nd Rogerson’s Rabymar Isla Negra
17 months black and tan, ideally sized, moderate bone, shown in super coat and condition, raven black coat, rich tan, the loveliest of headpiece, such a wide open expression, large dark round eyes, correct muzzle and nicely cushioned, giving melting expression, correct ear set, showed well, Quality bitch.

3rd Bloomfields Toraylac Gracious Oaklake

Res Hughes Loranka’s Pipe Dreams

VHC Parson’s Anjomil Harvest Moon

Class 19 Novice Bitch (18, 3)
A lovely Class
1st Homes’ Leogem Winter Melody
This little gem caught my eye on the move as she first went round the ring and my mind was made up! Very feminine well marked richly coloured Blenheim. A good example of a Toy spaniel ample bone for size, well-constructed throughout, moved accordingly. She covered the ground with ease and showed well. Ideally; I personally, prefer a size bigger, but I could not deny her, her placing here and then shortlisted to my last 5. A lovely, quality bitch.

2nd Galloway’s Russmic Miss Liberty at Sailcross
another very pretty bitch , ruby of lovely colour and an ideal size ,loved her shape and so well balanced ,nice neck and carried herself well with a good, firm top-line and correct tail carriage, never stopped showing, well handled. A lovely bitch .such a happy girl. Just preferred neatness and more positive movement of one.

3rd Long’s Arroline Elixir

Res Llapsttam Baskin in the Sun

VHC Bayliss’ Castlewytch Nevada

Class 20 Graduate Bitch (13, 6 abs)

1st Water’s/Brysons’ Sweetbriar Soprano
heavily marked, rich chestnut coated blen, shown in lovely coat and condition, a nice size and moderate bone, good for type lovely dark eyes, well set ear and nice fringing, head still needs to fill under eyes and a tad long in body. Moved well and beautifully handled with lovely happy Cavalier temperament.

2nd Claydon's’ Brymarden Touch & Go
A size up from 1, well broken richly marked blen, heavier type than one, nicely balanced, short coupled, liked her shape, well angulated and moved well, pleasing head, needs more coat to complete the picture. Well handled. Quality, useful bitch

3rd Mynotts’ Honeybet Hot’N’Naughty

Res Taylors’Peakdown Eugenia at Luvtayl

VHC Biddles’ Hearthfriend Top Up Your Tan Castlewytch Nevada

Class 21 Post Graduate Bitch (8, 3 abs)

1st Vella’s Miletree Mardiegrass
Ideally sized, richly marked, very pretty blen, full of breed type, large dark, soft eyes giving loveliest of expression, shown in lovely coat, well presented, she’s quite a chunky bitch in a small package, moderate bone, with a real good spring of rib and very short, strong loin, she moves well when encouraged but can be a little reluctant at times...a bit of a Prima Donna. Another in my final 5 cut for the CC...Definitely in the Top Drawer. Loved her.

2nd Oxman’s Sweetlake Superstar
another lovely blenheim, nice size and ample bone, balanced, good eyes and soft expression, but not as feminine as 1, richly, heavily marked coat, well prepared and in nice condition, moved well.

3rd Taylor’s Peakdown Eugenia at Luvtayl

Res Mann’s Lyndabelle Angel Wings

VHC Griffith’s Loranka’s Meg A Dream

Class 22 Limit Bitch (14, 0)

1st Cunninghams’s Verheyen Kalinda
another top notch bitch from this kennel, of a different mould to her kennel mate, well broken blen, built on elegant lines, well balanced, moderate neck and good shoulders, nice rear angulation with good top-line, looked impressive in profile and moved off well, coat coming nicely, of correct texture, lovely head, well off for type, gentle expression, shown in good condition and I had no hesitation in shortlisting her in my final 5. A quality bitch.

2nd Mclaine’s Lochbuie Graffiti
Similar in size and shape to 1, black and tan, well presented in gleaming raven black coat of correct texture, good rich tan, pleasing head, good ear set and nice dark eyes, needs more time for head to soften and improve expression, a little erratic at times, due mainly I think to her happy temperament, but when settled her handler got her to move steadily. A useful bitch who will only get better with maturity.

3rd Gibson’s Toraylac Delilah

Res Lee’s Kelrick One Kiss

VHC Loades’ Rosirius Bluebell

Class 23 Special Open Black & Tan/Ruby Bitch (10, 0)

1st Surmans’ Harana Joan Jett
1 and 2 very similar for size and shape and nicely balanced.1 slightly younger and was really on her toes, enjoying her day out. Pretty head, lovely expression correct ears set and sparkling, mischievous eyes, still needs to cushion a little under eyes but this will come, good rich tan and coat coming along nicely. Stepped out and showed well with her handler. Promising youngster.

2nd Williams’ Anickily Anna Rose Sancana
4 year old black and tan, beautiful head with lovely soft expression, showed and moved well. Lost out to the vivaciousness of one. Good for type.

3rd Hegartys’ Chantismere Rose

Res O’Grady’s Culverhill Coraline

VHC Tarabad/Whitmans’ Khatibi The Queens Peach

Class 24 Special Open Blenheim/Tricolour Bitch (0, 0)

Class 25 Breeders Bitch (4, 0)

1st Claydons’ Brymarden Breeze
3 year old, mature, well broken richly marked blen, good type, lovely, dark eyes, giving generous soft expression, lovely quality bitch, shown in good hard condition, balanced and moved well for her owner.

2nd Owens’ Hansowens Ebony Star
lovely 7 year old Black and tan shown in super coat and so well pre-prepared, prefer a size smaller but a lovely bitch with nice eyes and good soft expression, she covered the ground well and never stopped showing.

3rd Kitsons Kadoogels Kozette

Res Carr-Tomlinsons’ Ledesham Contrary Mary

Class 26 Open Bitch (10, 0)

1st Hughes’ Loranka’s Beautiful Moments
Obviously, at 4 and a half, I was familiar with this little girl but I had never really given her an in depth look and I was surprised when I did get a closer look how much there was to like about her. She has a classic ‘tricolour’ head in that everything is there to get that softness, so difficult in a tricolour. Very pretty, gentle expression, lovely dark round limpid eyes, correct head markings , correct ear set, good blaze, correct rich tan makings, just enough cushioning…..and in a small well put together package ,very feminine, balanced ,short coupled, and lovely on the move , particularly in profile. Keeping a firm top-line and tail wagging gently. Today she was on her toes and never stopped showing and her gleaming coat was immaculate. Once she had won the class she was going to be hard to beat on today's performance. In the challenge she continued to shine and I had no hesitation in awarding her, her 3rd CC and with it her Crown (subj to KC). Well deserved. Later, on the referee’s decision, she went BEST IN SHOW.

2nd Longs’ Ch. Arroline Eclispe JW
Loved this tricolour class Champion whom I believe is better now she has matured .A top quality bitch. A size larger than one and with that a little more elegant, lovely reach of neck, balanced and sound, lovely head properties, gentle expression, correct ear set, well fringed, good for type. Looked lovely in profile on the move and was shown in lovely coat, beautifully presented and well handled. A close decision today, Res CC.

3rd Hogans’ Stavonga Wendys Song

Res Rhodes Calonlan Bombay Sapphire

VHC Stantons’ Cassandy Roget Me Not