Open Show Results

Sunday 14th November, 2021

JUDGE:- Miss Rebecca Jaramillo (Conabec)








Class 1 Veteran Dog (2)

1st Bell’s Christabella Picasso SHCM Well balanced Blenheim boy in excellent condition. Very good reach of neck and well placed shoulders. Good front and back angulation. Really moved well round the ring with exuberance and loving his day. BVD

2nd Whitfield’s Bevelmount Red Beaujolais JW Short coupled boy with rich Ruby full coat. Gorgeous large dark eyes and lovely expression. Very good hind angulation and moved well.

Class 2 Special Vintage Dog (0)

No entries

Class 3 Minor Puppy Dog (4)
Three very nice puppies in this class.

1st Walker’s Stavonga Sky Walker Kayceekay Naf Taf Blenheim boy with lovely eyes and pigment. Very nice front and back angulation. Short coupled and cobby. Moved well with plenty of drive. Lovely temperament and good level topline. Showed well.

2nd Bayliss’ Castlewytch Infatuation Blenheim boy with a lovely coat. Very nice head and expression and good front and rear angulation. Tail set well and carried correctly.

3rd Spall’s Llapstam Double Oh Heaven

Class 4 Puppy Dog (4)

1st Walker’s Stavonga Sky Walker Kayceekay Naf Taf (see class 3)

2nd Bayliss’ Castlewytch Infatuation (see class 3)

3rd Spall’s Llapsttam’s Heavenly Scent

Res Beachill and Well’s Rubyshelden Tanzanite

Class 5 Junior Dog (2)

1st Crossley’s Tameline Roberto Gorgeous head with a delightful expression. Large dark eyes. Excelled in neck and front assembly. Good rear angulation. Needs to be moved out at a good pace to fully appreciate his movement and drive. BD BOS

2nd Holland’s Bonniemadra Loked An Loaded A short coupled Blenheim boy not quite as mature as 1 but a very nice boy in the making. Lovely large dark eyes and good pigment. Level top line standing and on the move with a good tail set. Just needs more coat to complete the picture. RBD

Class 6 Maiden Dog (0)

Class 7 Novice Dog (0)

Class 8 Graduate Dog (3)

1st Crossley’s Tameline Roberto BD (see class 5)

2nd Holland’s Bonniemadra Loked an Loaded (see class 5)

3rd Richardson’s Kringleholme Sardonyz

Class 9 Post Graduate Dog Blen Or Tri 6

1st Crossley’s Tameline Roberto (see class 5)

2nd Holland’s Bonniemadra Loked an Loaded (see class 5)

3rd Mangham’s Brymarden Touch of Gold of Charnavale

Res Renaud’s Toraylac Kit Carson for Ellenaud

VHC Parson’s Peaksdowns Marco Polo at Anjomil JW

Class 10 Post Graduate Dog B/T or Ruby 0

Class 11 Limit Dog 1

1st Renaud’s Ellenaud Oliver Twist Although standing alone in this class he very much deserved his 1st place. A well broken Blenheim with a gorgeous head and expression. Very nice eyes and good pigment. Good angulation front and rear and moved really well holding a level topline. I very much considered him for RBD.

Class 12 Open Dog 1

1st Kynaston’s Granasil Golden Nugget Very rich Ruby with a lovely coat and turned out really well. A short coupled boy with a lovely head, large dark eyes and very good pigment. Well balanced with correct reach of neck,good shoulder placement and a level topline. Very good tail carriage. Also considered for RBD

Class 13 Veteran Bitch 5

1st Callaghan and Todd’s Tillashby Northern Star at Callyspride JW Blenheim bitch with a gorgeous head, expression and eyes. Good reach of neck, fantastic top line standing and on the move. Good front and rear angulation. Such a glamorous coat and turned out to perfection BVIS

2nd Fox’s Lewharle Izzadorable for Lynmily Another lovely Blenheim girl. Moved extremely well with drive. Slightly longer cast than 1. Beautiful coat and condition.

3rd Bell’s Christobella Paloma

Res Scott’s Toscam Mckayla

VHC Lunt’s OaktreeparkMagical Dreams

Class 14 Special Vintage Bitch 2

1st Richardson’s Lorphil Matinee Kiss Well balanced Blenheim bitch just a month off 11. Presented in good condition. Lovely head and typical soft expression. Good neck and shoulders and level topline. Best Vintage in show

2nd Scott’s Lorphil Lalibertie Another Blenheim with a lovely head and expression. Both bitches moved out well and were extremely happy. Enjoying their day out.

Class 15 Minor Puppy Bitch 7(1)

A very nice class.

1st Rix’ Stavonga Sea Change at Ricksbury TAF Well broken Blenheim. Pretty head and expression with correct shape eyes and good pigment. A short coupled girl that moved very well.

2nd Claydon’s Brymarden May Blossom Elegantly shaped Blenheim baby. Lovely head and eyes. Moved beautifully. It was a close call with these 2. Just lost out on maturity and experience.

3rd Kilcoyne’s Granasil Crumble

Res Callaghan & Todd’s Callyspride Yorkshire Rose

VHC Bayliss’ Castlewytch Love Actually

Class 16 Puppy Bitch 7(2)

1st Rix’ Stavonga Shot Silk at Ricksbury TAF Feminine well broken Blenheim. Well made throughout. Loved her front and back angulation. Covers the ground with style. Correct tail set and beautifully turned out. BPIS

2nd Spall’s Korraines Fanfare for Llapstam A lovely shaped Tricolour that moved really well. She has a level topline and correct tail set and carriage. Appealing head and expression with large dark eyes.

3rd Fox-Shone’s Pamedna Love Struck

Res Callaghan and Todd’s Callyspride Stargazer

VHC Turnball’s Peaksdown Queen of Hearts

Class 17 Junior Bitch 4(1)

1st Parson’s Anjomil Harvest Moon Blenheim with a pretty head and expression. Loved her size and shape. Short coupled bitch that moved with plenty of drive, really covering the ground.

2nd Corner’s Bevelmount La Vielle at Delaby Dark rich Ruby with a gorgeous head. She is short coupled with correct neck and shoulder placement. She loved every minute of being in the ring!

3rd Linton’s Thekops Shankly’s Girl

Class 18 Maiden Bitch 7(3)

1st Bayliss’ Castlewytch Nevada Blenheim with gorgeous head, expression and eyes. Good neck, shoulders and front angulation. Compact and cobby with good rear angulation. Moved really well. One to watch. RBIS

2nd Fox-Shone’s Pamedna Love Me Tender. Well broken Blenheim with a lovely head and expression. Less mature than 1. I love her size and shape and she moved well with a good topline and tail set.

3rd Renaud’s Ellenaud Lucy Locket

Res Lunt’s Oaktreepark Royal Touch

Class 19 Novice Bitch 2

1st Lunt’s Oaktreepark Royal Treasure sweet headed Blenheim. Nice shape and size. She has a good front and holds a level topline standing and on the move.

2nd Richardson’s Kringleholme Arcana a Blenheim bitch with large dark eyes. Good front angulation and holds a level topline. She moved well and was very much enjoying her day at the show.

Class 20 Graduate Bitch 4

1st Whitfield’s Bevelmount Chardonnay Lovely Rich Ruby with a beautiful feminine head and sweet expression. Really liked her size and shape. Short coupled with good angulation back and front. She moved well. I seriously considered her for RBB

2nd Claydon’s Brymarden Touch and Go Pretty Blenheim with good neck and shoulders. Lovely size and short coupled with correct angulation back and front. She moved well.

3rd Parson’s Anjomil Harvest Moon

Res Potter’s Toyswood Sophie

Class 21 Post Graduate Bitch Blen or Tri 6(3)

1st Claydon’s Brymarden Blush A Blenheim bitch with lovely large dark eyes. She is well balanced with a good neck and well placed shoulders. Good spring of rib and moved really well with drive. Held her topline standing and on the move. Lovely coat and feathering.

2nd Turnbull’s Peaksdown Angelica Another nice Blenheim girl with large eyes and sweet expression. Well layed back shoulders and level topline. Moved round the ring with drive.

3rd Lunt’s Oaktreepark Magic Skye

Class 22 Post Graduate Bitch B/T or Ruby 5(2)

1st Whitfield’s Bevelmount Chardonnay (see class 20)

2nd Corner’s Bevelmount La Vielle at Delaby (see class 17)

3rd Potter’s Toyswood Oh you Pretty Thing

Class 23 Limit Bitch 3(1)

1st Whitfield’s Bevelmount Santa-Fe small compact Rich Ruby girl. Loved her size and shape. Very sweet head and lovely large dark eyes. Moved really well.

2nd Lunt’s Oaktreepark Just Magic Blenheim with rich chestnut markings. Large eyes and gentle expression. Good firm level topline standing and on the move.

Class 24 Open Bitch 6(2)

1st Claydon’s Brymarden Breeze Blenheim with rich chestnut markings on pearly white background. Lovely head, sweet expression and lovely large dark eyes. She has a good length of neck leading to well placed shoulders. Her front and back angulation is very good and she moves with drive covering the ring with ease. Her topline is level standing and on the move and her tail set and carriage is correct. Turned out to perfection. A beautiful overall picture. BB & BIS

2nd Potter’s Toyswood China Girl Black and Tan with a pretty head. Dark rich tan eyebrows and cheeks. Good level topline standing and moving. Full long coat and lovely temperament. Thoroughly enjoying her day at the show she moved well round the ring.

3rd Richardson’s Kringleholme Mosaic

Res Lunt’s Calonlan Practical Magic


1st Whitfield’s Bevelmount Santa-Fe/ Bevelmount Chardonnay