The Society has on offer to all Members the following points trophies that are awarded annually at the A.G.M.


Puppy Trophy

Dog Trophy

Bitch Trophy

Wholecolour Bitch Trophy

Veteran Trophy


There are five trophies on offer. Two of these (the Veteran and the Wholecolour Bitch Trophies) are allocated by the Trophy Secretary from the previous years Northern Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Society Club Show. The other 3 (Best Puppy, Best Dog and Best Bitch Trophies) are awarded to the Members whose dog or bitch, as the case may be, have won the most points

at OPEN OR LIMIT Shows over the previous twelve months. CHAMPIONSHIP placings DO NOT COUNT. Placings must be in Breed Classes - Any Variety Classes DO NOT COUNT.


The Points are awarded as follows:-

First ~ 4 points, Second ~ 3 points

Third ~ 2 points and Reserve or Fourth ~ 1 point.


The information you need to collect is

Date of the Show

Name of the Society of the Show

Class Name


& Points awarded.


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