Special Award Classes

14th November 2021

I would like to thank the committee for giving me the opportunity of judging these classes in a breed that I have much admired for many years. Indeed, my family owned one for nearly 9 years. I would also like to say a special thank you to my steward for her good humour and ensuring that I got all of the support I needed. In particular, I would like to thank the exhibitors for giving me the opportunity to examine some excellent examples of the breed, despite them being also shown in the Open show classes as well. They accepted my placings graciously and demonstrating excellent sportsmanship.
All of the exhibits were shown in excellent condition, and all had correct scissor bites. The required nearly flat skull was present in all of those presented to me. Tail carriage, with one notable exception, was also well within the breed standard. I was surprised to find a number who were not as short coupled as I would have expected and took that into account in selecting some of my winners. Well sprung ribs were not universally present with a few too near ‘V’ shaped, although all were level with the elbows.

P (5,2) 1. Rix’s Stavonga Sea Change at Ricksbury (TAF). 9 month old Blenheim bitch who had a gentle expression with dark eyes, spaced well apart. The markings on the head were evenly divided. Her shallow stop led to the well tapered muzzle with black nostrils. Her shoulders were well laid back and led to straight forelegs. Her back was level and retained on the move where she walked with purpose, aided no doubt by the excellent angulation at the rear and showing parallel movement both going and coming. A well balanced bitch who well deserved the class and subsequently did extremely well in the open show.
2. Turnbull’s Peakdowns Queen of Hearts. 10 months old Blenheim bitch who had dark eyes with her face well filled below the eyes. Her shoulder placement was correct giving her the capacity to reach to match the drive from the well angulated and muscled rear legs. She had a level backline that was retained on the move where her fore and aft action was parallel. There was ample feathering on legs and tail but was a trifle long in loin to take the class.

G (7,1) 1. Richardson’s Kringleholme Sardonyz. This 2 year old Blenheim dog scored on all breed points with excellent head proportions, dark eyes and correct muzzle length. His level topline was complemented by short coupling with well angulated rear legs giving reach and drive on the move. He had good feathering, including on his feet. In appearance his chestnut colouring was well broken up over the pearl white.
2. Potter’s Toyswood Sophie. A 3 year old Tricolour bitch who exhibited all of the required tan markings. She had dark eyes and well filled face below those eyes. She had one of the best springs of rib on the day. Shoulders were well laid back with straight forelegs. Her rear angulation was also correct. She lost out to the winner who moved with more elegance and purpose.

O (7,2) 1. Kynaston’s Gransil Golden Nugget. A 6 year old Ruby male, who demonstrated his maturity both on the table and on the move. His head was a joy go over and the overall picture gave a sweetness of expression with dark eyes, spaced well apart and with his face well filled below those eyes. His muzzle was the correct length, with black nostrils. His shoulders were well laid back and the correct angulation with the upper foreleg that was the same length as the shoulder blade and meant that his movement at the front was able to cope well with the drive from the rear legs where there was good angulation to help propel him forward effortlessly moving parallel both coming and going. He had a level topline, and his tail set and carriage were correct. His maturity no doubt contributed to his healthy feathering.
2. Potter’s Toyswood China Girl. At 3 years 4 months, this tricoloured bitch looked the part on the table and the hands on experience didn’t disappoint me. All of the required tan marking were present with clear demarcation. Her eyes were dark, and her nostrils were fully black. Correct length of muzzle. Her shoulders were well laid back and her front assembly was straight with moderate bone. Her topline was retained on the move and her tail carriage was consistently in line with the breed standard. Like my first place dog, she was short coupled but just lost out on the ease and confidence of movement.

Jim Murdoch