Special Award Classes

The Northern Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Society
Single Breed Open Show Sunday 28 th January 2018
Judge Gillian Blair ( Bellflows)

A huge thank you to the officers and committee members for the appointment and their hospitality to judge their Special Award Classes and Junior Handling at their open show. The assistance of my lovely steward Mrs N Inglis and most importantly the wonderful exhibitors that entered under me. I thoroughly enjoyed my day.

Special Awards Classes

Puppy (10,2 )
1 .Ms L Crane Cranvarl Washington lovely well balanced 8 month Blenheim with good bone and spring of rib. Nice head with dark eye and pigment with soft expression and scissor bite. Good size with shapely profile keeping level topline when on the move. Will be watching with interest how this young pup matures.
2. Mrs Mary Constable Mitapip One And Only 7 month old Blenheim with good pigment, nice eye giving gentle expression. Correct ear placement and lovely ear feathering already. Decent forehand and body with good spring of rib for age. Moved out well and held a level topline.
3.Louise Greenhalgh Lacervali Angel Eyes.
4. Mrs R and Mrs K Lee Calonlan Love Actually For Kelrick.
5. Christine Bell Chistabella Only You.

Graduate (10)
1. Karen Kynaston Granasil Von Trap Lovely black and tan with raven black silky coat with rich tan in all the right places that was well presented. Good balanced outline, almost flat skull, nice dark eye and pigment giving a soft expression, good spring of rib. Moved well with drive both away and back holding a level topline and correct tailset.
2. Mrs Trish Potter Toyswood Moonage Daydream 17 month ruby dog with lovely rich ruby colour. Nice head with correct earset and large dark eye giving pleasing expression. Good reach of neck with moderate chest and well laid back shoulders. Moved well once not distracted.
3. Mr r and Mrs K Lee Kelrick Flap Jack JW.
4. Mr J and Mrs S Hindle Spindlepoint Donovan With Ellisiana.
5. Gillian Ward Beauco Dolly Mixture.

Open (8 ,4)
1.Karen Kynaston Granasil Golden Nugget Masculine headed ruby boy with lovely round dark eyes, good nose pigment, correct scissor bite, soft silky well presented coat .Excellent front and hind angulation giving a balanced picture. Moved well with drive around the ring.
2. Mr R and Mrs K Lee Calonlan Perfect Kiss For Kelrick 3 yr old Blenheim with attractive head ,well feathered ears, large dark round eyes creating a melting expression .Short coupled with good spring of rib, well carried tail. Moved soundly but slightly out of coat today.
3. RA and Mrs E Waddington Spindlepoint President JW.
4. Mrs Trish Potter Toyswood Blackstar.

Junior Handling Classes
Age (6-11 yrs)

1. Maggie Williamson very well presented young lady who handled her dog well which was only a puppy, moving round the ring performing the required pattern asked for and changing hands when required with nice straight lines and corners. She was able to show her dogs teeth correctly whilst keeping control of her dog on the table which is quite hard with a puppy but handled it well. Able to answer my questions about her dog adequately. Confidence is key.
2. Kate Byrne another well presented young lady and a very good handler. This was a close decision between 1st and 2nd place. Again she was able to show her dogs teeth correctly and answer my questions well. Performed her pattern well and switched hands when required.

Age ( 12-16 yrs)
No Entries