Special Award Classes

Sunday 11th November 2018

I would like to that this opportunity to thank the committee for inviting me to judge and a bigger thank you to all the exhibitors who entered. I enjoyed myself and was thrilled by the amazing entry and quality of dogs to go over. I would also like to thank Shelia Hindle for keeping me in check, as my nerves got the better of me at times.
This is one of my favourite shows and there is always such a fabulous atmosphere.

SAC Puppy Entry 14 (ab 6)

1st Whitfield- Bevlemont Sante – Fe - 11 month old ruby bitch, small compact body with moderate bone , with a soft expression with dark eyes, good pigmentation. Moved with drive keeping a level top line.
2nd Sweetbriar Sorbet – 11 month blen bitch, well broken, rich chestnut, with a soft expression , compact body, well laid shoulders and turn of stifle. Happy on the move maintaining a level topline.
3rd Smith – Beaudale Here We Go Again
Reserve Knight- Carolus Miss Elsie
VHC- Hobbs – Beaconsflyde Ashes N Roses

SAC Gradute Entry 10 (ab3)

1st Gransil Von Trap JW- Black and Tan. I have always liked this showy boy, always eager to please his owner. Soft masculine head but with a soft expression with large eyes, good reach of neck, good turn of stifle, moved effortlessly on the move maintaining a level topline
2nd Greenleigh - Lacervali Angel Eyes – 17 month old tri bitch, I have always liked this youngster, well presented , a very soft expression with melting eyes, nice reach of neck, correct portions in body and moved with well.
3rd Lee- Calonlan Love Actually at Kelrick
Reserve Byrne – Chantismere Chanson
VHC- Gilbert- Sweetbriar Mr Darcy

SAC Open Entry 5 (ab 1)

1st Hobbs- Beacsonflyde Catch The Kiss JW, Blen . This boy has always caught my eye. Well presented, soft yet masculine expression with large dark eyes, moved well with good drive.
2nd Fox – Lewharle Izzadorable for Lynmilly- Blen bitch , very feminine, soft expression with good pigmentation, compact body with correct angulations.
3rd Gransil Goldne Nugget
Reserve Lee – Kelrick Flapjack JW

Judge - Lorraine Snook