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SUNDAY 4th August, 2013

Prestwood Centre, Staffordshire County Showground




  BEST IN SHOW - Ch. Cavaliegh Jaida with Vallender J.W.

Best Opposite Sex -
Cinderaic Seduction

Brymarden Carolina Sunrise

DOG C.C. Vella’s Cinderaic Seduction

Reserve Dog CC
Godwin’s Cavaleigh Jacob

Best Puppy Dog
Claydon’s Brymarden Carolina Sunrise


I would like to thank the committee of the Northern Cavalier King Charles Spaniel for inviting me to judge at their Ruby Anniversary Show. Overall the dogs pleased me but I was concerned at the number with very steep foreheads and rounded skulls.

Veteran Dog 8 (2)
1st Claydon’s Ch Brymarden Montana J.W.
9 and a half year old Blenheim in good coat. Kind expression from large, dark eyes and good pigment. Good neck and shoulders and strong rear. Moved around the ring with great style.
Best Veteran in Show
2nd Mynott’s Honeybet My Way.
9 year old Ruby dog. Compact body shape with good topline and tailset.Lovely coat with rich colouring.
3rd Gow’s Lyncraeg Dream Angus.
Vintage Dog 5(2)
1st Oakley’s Brasingamen the Celt.
14 year old Black and Tan. Lovely head with dark pigment and large eyes. Good neck and topline. Still moves very well.
2nd Lunham’s Nustoal Red Baron von Tingewood.
Ruby boy of nearly 13. Starting to show his age around his muzzle. He has a straight front and level topline. Happy boy.
3rd Levett’s Kestrelflite Magic Moment

Minor Puppy Dog 7(1)
1st Ackroyd-Gibson’s Toraylac San Amour
Well shaped Blenheim boy of 7 months. I loved his neck and shoulders leading to a level topline and good tail set. Strong movement for one so young.
2nd Sloan’s Turretbank Nicolas Nikelby.
Richly coloured 8 month old Blenheim. Good body shape and moved well once he settled.
3rd Hill and Webber’s Montcolly Albert.

Puppy Dog 6
1st. Claydon’s Brymarden Carolina Sunrise.
9 month old Blenheim. He won on his stylish movement and good tailset. I liked his head which still needs time but he has lovely pigment and expressive eyes.
Best Puppy in Show.
2nd Bubb’s Wandris Evan ‘Elp Us
Another 9 month old Blenheim in a smaller mould to 1st. Today he did not want to co-operate with his handler which made his movement erratic and his tail to fly. I know he can do better but it is ‘on the day’
3rd Hughes’ Loranka’s Moonshine.

Junior 14(1)
1st Gibb-Stuart’s Chantismere Push my Button
Super 13 month old Blenheim. When going over him each component flows into the next, making a lovely shape which shows on the move. Attractive head with correct pigment and good eyes.
2nd Smith’s Salador Carnival.
This is a breeder who hasn’t lost her type over the years. Lovely full head with large eyes. Heavily coated Blenheim who moved well. Particularly liked his neck, shoulders and topline. His owner needs to get him out more!
3rd Maclaine’s Lochbuie Cappuccino

Yearling Dog 10(1)
1st Gibb-Stuart’s Chantismere Push my Button see Junior
2nd Moger’s Gayhalo Ffandango
Very shapely Blenheim. Would prefer a narrower blaze but has good pigment and eyes. Well constructed which enabled him to move well.
3rd Robinson’s Tusculana Baleno

Novice Dog 10(3)
1st Gibb-Stuart’s Chantismere Push my Button see Junior
2nd Telfer and Pallister’s Rodden Kid Rock
Lovely 10 month old Black and Tan baby. Short backed, very compact and presented a lovely shape. I liked his head with large, dark eyes. He moved very well.
3rd Blackburn’s Lovetrac Buster for Bekenveldt.

Graduate 12(3)
1st Godwin’s Cavaleigh Jacob.
Neat, well proportioned Blenheim. Good eyes and pigment in a lovely unexaggerated head. Really nice shape and good tail carriage which he showed on the move. Moved really well. I was pleased to award him the RCC.
2nd Pagan’s Master Famous John Jnr Sorata
Beautifully presented Black and Tan boy. Just not as well balanced as 1st. Looked good on the move with strong, true movement.
3rd Sloan’s Turretbank Gilbert.

Post Graduate Dog 10 (1)
1st Hill and Webber’s Montcolly Jeffrey.
A well made dog with strong hindquarters and correctly angled front. He moved well with drive and purpose
2nd Rhodes’ Colonlan Will I Am
Compact Blenheim. Kind expression in a mature head with especially nice eyes. Moved well in profile.
3rd Evans’ Evansley Endeavour.

Limit Dog 12 (3)
1st Vella’s Cinderaic Seduction.
Richly coloured Blenheim. Kind expression helped by large, dark eyes and dark pigment. Arched neck led into well angled shoulders, level topline and correct tailset. Moved accurately and with drive. I was pleased to award him CC and on the referee’s decision RBIS>
2nd Rogerson’s Rabymar Super Ted.
Another lovely dog, this time a richly coloured Ruby. Nice body shape and moved well. Not quite the lovely gentle expression of the winner.
3rd Searle’s Stonepit Franco I Believe

Special Open Black and Tan Dog 3 (2)
1st Owen’s Narayden Marsell J.W.
5 year old boy who stood alone but well deserved his place. Mature boy with a wealth of good quality coat. Moved well with his head held proudly.
|Special Open Ruby Dog 3(1)
!st Sloan’s Turretbank Touch of Gold
Unplaced in Limit. Shapely body but movement needs to strengthen
2nd Lunam’s Tingewood Red Oktober
Unplaced in Post Graduate. Smaller, neater type of dog. Better coat colour than 1st but did not move well.

Special Open Blenheim Dog 6 (2)
1st. Novokora’s Zippy Prokopska Hvelda.
A visitor from the Czech Republic. Compact, heavily marked dog with a gentle head and expression. Good pigment and eye shape. Moved well showing off a level topline and good tailset.
2nd Crane’s Spindlepoint Macallan into Cranvarl.
Well broken markings on this boy. Lost out on tailset and carriage. Moved well.
3rd Renaud’s Toraylac Denton

Special Open Tricolour Dog. 5 (2)
1st Hill and Webber’s Montcolly Roberto
Smart, well broken Tricolour. Good shoulders and strong rear. Moved well with correct topline and tailset. I just preferred his head to 2nd.
2nd Bindelli’s World and Multi Ch. Boatswain Camillo Cien Fuegos.
Another visitor, this time from Italy. Compact Tricolour with a lovely coat. Well made and moved well. Just thought him to be a bit steep in forehead and rounder in skull
3rd Hedger’s Khatibi Peter Bread for Airewil.

Breeders Dog. 4 (2)
1st Hazeltine’s Juzandia Johnny Be Good.
Small, neat, well broken Blenheim. Lovely head and expression helped by large, well shaped eyes and dark pigment. Very good neck and held himself well on the move.
2nd Crozier’s German Ch. Korraines Over the Moon.
Rangier type, longer in leg and body than 1st. Good eyes and nose pigment. Moved well in profile.

Open Dog 6 (2)
1st Pagan’s Ch. Sorata Don Vito.
Richly coloured Ruby with dark pigment. Really nice shape with a good crest of neck, leading into well angulated shoulders. Level topline and happy, wagging tail.
2nd Hughes’Kaishmar Kavanagh Loranka.
Well broken, mature Blenheim. Good chestnut colour. Another with a nicely crested neck. Moved well but not as happily as the winner.
3rd Koster’s Ch Harana Alfie Boe.

Chris Dix