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Sunday 29th January, 2012

JUDGE:- Mrs. Vanessa Cox (Pettipaws)

Tarabad’s Khatibi Lemon Ada JW

Rix & Berry’s Ricksbury Royal Companion JW

Rix & Berry’s Ricksbury Royal Astronomer

Wilkinson’s Crimbledale Valantine Girl at Faircharm

Hunter’s Spennithorne Perfect Thyme

Pascoe’s Spindlepoint Nelson of Jadechar ShCM


Rix & Berry's Ch Ricksbury Royal Embrace

Best of the Girls


Best of the boys

Best Puppy Bitch & Best Puppy in Show

Best Puppy Dog

Judges Critique

I was thrilled to be asked to judge this show; it is always a pleasure to judge this breed. Temperaments without exception were absolutely charming, the veteran and vintage classes were a joy and demonstrate that the breed can last well into old age. I was pleased to have such good representatives of the breed to go over and some strong competition in the both the d & b challenges gave me food for thought. Movement was on the whole v good, the only thing I feel is worth watching is that in some dogs the croups seemed to fall away giving a lower tail set. Thanks again to the sporting exhibitors and hard working stewards and committee to make this a most memorable day.

VD (2)
1. Pascoe’s Spindlepoint Nelson of Jadechar ShCM. Handsome richly coloured blen, gentle expression, dk eye & nose with long ears framing his face. Gd shoulders & topline, in lovely coat with plenty of feathering. Sound & positive on the move. BVIS
2. Lunam’s Mellow Moment with Flossybrook. Older ruby boy, lovely for size, richly coloured with the longest ears & flat silky coat. V fit for age, moved happily around the ring, just a tad close behind on the move.
Vintage D (3)
1. Tranter’s Allrena Oliver for Johnjo. 11 years young, & in super condition. Pleasing head & expression, dk eye & nose. Firm topline, gd turn of stifle. Sound as a bell on the move, v positive & in lovely coat. V nice boy.
2. Lunam’s Mellow Moment with Flossybrook. Super ruby boy of ideal size. Handsome, gentle head & expression, flat silk richly coloured coat. Moved our well, just a little close behind.
3. Lunam’s Nustol Red Baron von Tingewood

MPD (4)
1. Rogerson’s Rabymar Super Ted. 8 mth ruby. Stood out for me in this class, lovely size and well balanced profile. Richly coloured flat silky coat. V attractive head, dk eye & nose. V gd shoulders & topline. Positive movement, just pipped by Thyme for best puppy d on maturity although I did prefer his overall size. Will follow his progress with interest.
2. Sigsworth’s Spindlepoint Pelorus at Hollylou. Less forward than winner at the moment, a quality heavily marked blen boy with pleasing head & expression. Bit fidgety today which showed in his hind movement, but has the makings of a v nice d.
3. Carr-Tomlinson’s Ledesham Ezekiel

PD (3,1abs)
1. Hunter’s Spennithorne Perfect Thyme. The most mature in this class, quality blen boy, handsome head with gentle expression, dk eye & nose. Gd lay of shoulder, level firm topline & pleasing outline. Heavily marked rich chestnut markings with gd feathering. Moved out well with plenty of drive from behind. BPD
2. Allitt’s Tillashby Lamborghini. Smaller well-balanced d, less forward than winner at the moment. Well broken coat, lovely head, with flat skull, dk eye & jet black nose pigment. Gd shoulders & topline. Moved out well, just a little closes behind & needs to body up a bit yet but a promising pup.

JD (5,3abs) two lovely boys of similar size & type.
1. Tarabad’s Hollambrie Black Diamond is Khatibi. Beautiful B/t fully of quality, loved his head, so soft & gentle, with dk kind eyes, v gd bite & long ears framing his face, Gd shoulders, spring of rib level topline & gd stifles. Super coat, flat, silky & raven black with rich chestnut markings. Moves out so well, should have a really bright future.
2. Hurst & Wake’s Llustant Embossed Marble. Small compact Tri, v similar remarks, handsome head, darkest of eye & nose, flat silky coat, well constructed throughout, Move out well, gently wagging his tail all the time. Should mature into a glamorous boy.

MD (3)
1. Tarabad’s Hollambrie Black Diamond is Khatibi- repeat
2. Crane’s Cranval Day Dreamer. Slightly bigger blen boy, richly marked, beautiful head & gentle expression. dk eye, not using his ears so well today. Well laid shoulders, little longer in the loin than winner, well turned stifles, Moves out well, just needs to settle a little.
3. Carr-Tomlinson’s Ledesham Ezekiel

ND (4,1abs)
1. Hurst & Wake’s Llustant Embossed Marble. 2nd in gd J class, just preferred his size in this class.
2. Hunter’s Spennithorne Perfect Thyme. Younger d, winner of puppy class, not quite as steady on the move as the winner.
3. Harbron’s Margill Metananda

GD (2)
1. Hamill’s Craebeck Moonshine. Bigger built b/t, lovely glossy flat silky coat with rich colours & plenty of feathering. Handsome head with dk eye. V well laid shoulders, well sprung ribs & gd turn of stifle. Moved out well, just a tad close behind today. Would like him perhaps a shade smaller.
2. Harbron’s Margill Metananda. Younger well broken blen boy, showing happily all the time. Gd for size with well sprung ribs. Hind movement not quite as positive as winner.

PGD Blen or Tri (3,1abs)
1. Allitt’s Tillashby Georgio. Liked the size of this blen boy. Soft gentle expression, dk eye & nose & v gd bite. I liked his well balanced proportions with gd spring of rib & firm topline. Nicely presented silky well broken coat. Moved well going and coming. Promising boy.
2. Brown’s Loranka’s The Way Forward. Well presented slightly bigger d, masculine head, I preferred the slightly softer expression of the winner & would like a larger eye. Well laid shoulders & rib, moved out well but not quite as positive in hind movement as winner.

PGD B/T or R (5) Quite a mixed class for size & shape & movement
1. Hobbs’ Beaconsfylde Black to Black. B/t stood out for me in this class with his well balanced appearance, v gd movement, handsome head with dk eye & long ears, gentle expression, lovely flat silk coat. Gd ribs, topline & stifles. Sound on the move.
2. Lunam’s Tingewood Red Oktober. Richly coloured ruby, v nice head & large dk eye. Pleasing proportions, gd ribs & level topline. Moved out well just a little close behind & needs to settle to the task in hand.
3. Bailey’s Midnight Purchase for Aldoricka

LD (5)
1. Knight’s Carolus Tommy Atkins JW ShCM. This blen d stood out in this class for size, shape & general breed type. Pleasing head complete with lozenge & long ears. Proud head carriage, reachy neck, gd shoulders & topline. Comes into his own on the move, free & easy action.
2. Pascoe’s Facanamee Rebel Rouser to Jadecar. Slightly bigger blen, b pleasing head & soft expression, long ears, dk eye & nose. Gd ribs & topline, well broken coat nicely presented & of nice breed type. Moves out ok, can settle down a little to advantage.
3. Crane’s Spindlepoint Macallan into Cranvarl

OD (8)
1. Rix & Berry’s Ricksbury Royal Astronomer. Mature blen, dripping in coat, rich chestnut colour, masculine head with soft gentle expression & kind eye. Lovely shoulders, well ribbed, level topline & correct rear angulations. Heavily marked v well presented coat. So sound in the move covering the ground with ease, handled to advantage, super temperament gently wagging his tail all the time. Top drawer material, pleased to award him BD & BOS.
2. Tarabad’s Khatibi Nick Is In A Twist. Another worthy winner presented in tip top condition, slightly smaller blen, all in proportion & well balanced. Pleasing head, dk eye & long ears. Again lovely shoulders, level topline & short coupled. Moves out well, v close up in the challenge. RBD
3. Hobb’s Khatibi Ready Teddy Go to Beaconsfylde

VB (3)
1. Richardson’s Kringleholme Cheery. Blen, still v fit & of lovely breed type. Pretty head & dk gentle eye. Gd neck, shoulders & firm topline. Could do with a bit more coat to enhance the picture. V happy girl moved out well covering the ground easily. V nice.
2. Edwards’ Kenmilfore Gem at Trehys. Slightly bigger v pleasing girl & could perhaps lose a little weight to advantage. Pretty head, long ears. Level topline, gd rear angulation. Moved out well, enthusiastic showgirl.
3. Scott’s Toscam Monte Lucia

Vintage B (6,1abs) Lovely class, still all so sound.
1. Ch Ricksbury Royal Embrace. Beautiful b who still has that air of quality about her. Lovely for size, well balance outline. Pretty head, dk eye with long ears framing her face. Gd ribs & firm topline, in beautiful coat with plenty of feathering. Moves out so well and thoroughly enjoying herself. Best Vintage in Show.
2. Hurst & Wake’s Llustant Paper Rose. Similar size, another v pretty girl, soft expression long ears. Gd shoulders, level topline, well broken coat, plenty of feathering. Also sound on the move.
3. Waddington’s Spindlepoint Kim Crawford

MPB (4,1abs)
1. Rix & Berry’s Ricksbury Rosana. Headed a class of promising babies. My type of youngster, so full of quality. Pretty head, dk eye & nose. Lovely shoulders, topline, & well angulated. Moves out well, v promising indeed & quite the showgirl already.
2. Johnston’s Bridgodee Mystical Magic. Slightly more mature b/t, in lovely coat & condition. Pretty head, & long ears, nicely made throughout. Moves out well just a little close behind going away.
3. Gillhespy’s Lorphil Look Of Love

PB (6,2abs)
1. Wilkinson’s Crimbledale Valantine Girl at Faircharm. Stood out for her lovely feminine outlook and well balanced proportions. Petty head with the softest of expressions & long ears framing her face. Reachy neck, well laid shoulders and table top topline, retained at all times. Flat silky coat of raven black and richest of chestnut. Beautiful little girl, so sound & flowing on the move. No hesitation in awarding her BPB & BPIS Glamorous young lady who will hopefully have a promising future.
2. Burton’s Juzandia Bea Happy at Amblecroft. Pretty headed blen, nice size & shape, darkest of eye & nose pigment, gd neck & shoulders, level topline. Well broken coat, moves out well, just needs to settle and concentrate on the task in hand.
3. Leach’s Amantra Soprano at Ouzlewell

JB (10, 3abs)
1. Waddington’s Spindlepoint Lyra. What a little beauty, small & compact blen, real toy spaniel, well-balanced, pretty head dk eye & nose. Longest of ears. Lovely shoulders, level topline, gd angulations, coat coming nicely. Moves out well really covering the ground with ease, bit more maturing to do, but a super prospect.
2. Bailey’s Aldoricka Holly Berry. B/t, nice for size & shape. Pretty head & expression, dk eye .Gd shoulders, level topline. Glossy silky coat, anther who moved out well. A lovely girl.
3. Pascoe’s Jadechar Trinity

MB (4,2abs) two young ladies at completely different stages of development.
1. Crane’s Cranvarl Morning Glory. More mature b & better bodied than second at the moment. Pretty head, eye, long ears. Level topline, well angulated. Coat coming through nicely. Moves out soundly with drive. Pretty girl.
2. Colavecchia-Fish’s Carolus Lacey. Real baby, but such a pretty head & expression & dk kind eye. Lovely shoulders & firm topline, looks a little long cast at the moment. Will need plenty of time to mature in body and coat.

NB (4)
1. Waddington’s Spindlepoint Lyra. Winner of J class
2. Hamill’s Craebeck Forget Me Not. Bigger built b/t, feminine head & expression. Gd shoulders, a touch longer cast than winner, moved out well. Well presented glossy flat silky coat.
3. O’Brien’s Paupella Black Licquice

GB (10, 3abs)
1. Hobbs’ Beaconsfylde Just Lucy. This lady stood out for me in this class, lovely for size, compact & well balanced, pretty head & dk eye & nose. Lovely ear set, well laid shoulder, level topline, well angulated & in lovely condition bloom. Still some maturing to do, but really nice quality & breed type, moves out really well & effortlessly. Nice b, shall watch her progress.
2. Bailey’s Ouzlewell’s Fenella Fudge at Aldoricka. Ruby, again really pretty head & expression, lovely shape, gd shoulders & firm topline. Richly coloured. V nice example of the breed, moved out well.
3. Whitfield’s Bevelmount Red Focus

PGB Blen or Tri (1)
1. Tarabad’s Khatibi Lemon Ada JW. She may have been on her own in this class, but has a real stamp of quality about her & can easily hold her own in competition. Ultra feminine, well broken coat & a really glamorous showgirl. V pretty head, long ears framing her face, tan in all the right places & a lovely gentle dk eye. Proud head carriage, firm topline & well angulated hindquarters. Covers the ground with ease, a super b, who was handled & presented to advantage, she must surely be destined for the top. V pleased to award her BB & BIS.

PGB B/t or R (9,3abs) Quite a mixed class.
1. Loynd’s Crimbledale Witchcraft. I like this feminine b/t v much, well made throughout with a glossy flat coat. Nice overall size & shape, v pretty head, dk eye, longest of ears. Moved out well retaining her topline.
2. Hamill’s Craebeck Forget Me Not. Bigger built b, feminine head, gd neck & shoulders, in lovely coat & bloom. Moved out well just a bit proud of her tail.
3. Bailey’s Ouzlewell’s Fenella Fudge at Aldoricka

LB (4,1abs)

1. Tranter’s Johnjo Lady Megan. Appealing, pretty headed blen lady, gentle eye & jet black nose pigment. Well balanced profile & level topline. Lovely proud head carriage on the move, she stepped out with verve. Pleasing coat with rich chestnut markings. V happy showgirl.
2. Richardson’s Marigill Miesque. Pretty b, long ears, dk eye & nose. Gd shoulders, topline & body. Gd stifles, not quite as positive on the move as the winner, but nice overall quality.
3. Hurst & Wake’s Llustant Conqueress

OB (8,3abs)
1. Rix & Berry’s Ricksbury Royal Companion JW. Beautiful blen, rich chestnut colour, beautiful head, flat skull, dk eye, gd ear set, reachy neck, level topline. Presented in super condition, really comes into her own on the move, so elegant with drive, close up in challenge, RBB
2. Tarabad’s Kaidee Kiss Me Kate Khatibi JW ShCM, Another top quality b, beautiful coat & condition, well broken coat, pretty head, not using her ears quite so well as winner today, lovely gentle eye & expression. Moved out well.
3. Hobbs’ Khatibi Heidi Desirable at Beaconsfylde

Brace (2)
1. Pascoe- well matched boys, moved around in harmony, wagging their tails all the time. Best Brace.
2. Colavecchia-Fish. Pretty girls, not quite as coordinated on the move as the winners.

Vanessa Cox (Judge)

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