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Open Show Results

Sunday 27th January, 2013

JUDGE:- Mrs. S. Loynd

Turnbulls' Peakdown Lexi

Rix & Berry's Ricksbury Rosanna

Deans Clockpelters the Fusilier

Turnbull's Peakdown Lexi

Richardson's Kringleholme Applause


Hurst & Wake's Llustant Paper Rose


Judges Critique

Veteran Dog (1) and Vintage Dog no entries

Minor Puppy Dog (5)
1st Waters Sweetbriar Shakespeare, 8mth Blen with lozenge nicely broken colour, very good pigment, dark eye. well made. moved ok.
2nd Gillhespy Mississippis Moonshine promising puppy on his first outing, needs confidence
3rd Harbon Rabymar Sheilas Oscar

Puppy Dog (3) 1abs
1st Knight Carolus Don Ricco J.W 11mths Blen nicely made young man keeping a level topline, nice head with .lovely large dark eye, good shape and bone, moved well good tail carriage.
2nd Smiths Beaudale Far Away Star ruby another promising puppy, just preferred balance of 1st

Junior Dog(6)2abs
1st Deans Clockpelters Dexter 13 1/2mths Ruby lovely colour and pigment, large dark eye with gentle expression ,nicely made but as you would expect very raw, moved ok.
2nd Renaud Toryalac Denton Blen soundly built dog, who moved well.
3rd Bloice Scotlass I Am a Believer

Maiden Dog(5)
1st Smiths Beaudale Bye Bye Blues 10mth Black/Tan Best Dog Puppy, well presented in good coat, nice, head and eye ,good neck shoulders well put together kept his topline on the move,
2nd Deans Clockpelters Dexter
3rd Harbon Rabymar Sheilas Oscar

Novice (5) 1abs
1st Deans Clockpelters Dexter
2nd Bloice Scotlass I Am a Believer Blen pleasing head good pigment, moved ok
3rd Harbon Rabymar Sheilas Oscar

Graduate Dog(1)
1st Hindle Ellisiane Adonis Blen nicely marked, pleasing head with good pigment, good conformation moved ok

Blenheim or Tricolour Post Graduate Dog(5)
1st Hunters Spennithorne Perfect Thyme well made, nicely broken,good coat colour, nice eye, good head, well ribbed with good quarters ,moved well
2nd Renuad Toryalac Denton
3rd Harbon Marigill Metananda

Black & Tan or Ruby Post Graduate Dog(3)
1st Rogerson Rabymar Super Ted J.W. Ruby won this class on his maturity, nice dark eye, good conformation moved ok
2nd Deans Clockpelters Dexter
3rd Kynaston Dantonmela Rustic Rowland

Limit Dog (4) 2abs
1st Cranes Spindlepoint Macallan Into Cranvarl another nicely marked blen, lovely expression, good Head,neck and shoulders,well ribbed with good quarters moved ok
2nd Harbon Marigill Metananda

Open Dog(4)
1st Deans Clockpelters The Fusilier Nice size ,good head with padding and lovely dark expressive Eyes, good conformation nice sound quarters moved well. Best Dog and Best Opposite Sex thought in the challenge for Best in Show just lacked the sparkle of the Bitch
2nd Mangham Garlouchi Just Majic Of Charnavale just preferred the overall size and conformation of the winner
3rd Rix & Berry Rickbury Royal Astronomer

Veteran Bitch(3) 2abs
1st Richardson Kringleholme Applause Blen who stood alone but gave a good show enjoying herself, well made with a pleasing head.

Vintage Bitch (3) 1abs

1st Hurst & Wake Llustant Paper Rose blen12 yrs pleasing head good neck and shoulders, good conformation, enjoyed her day out moved
2nd Richardson Kringleholme Cheery blen 10mths not the vere of 1st must nicely made and moved ok

Minor Puppy Bitch(2) 1abs
1st Rogerson Rabymar Copper Gleam 6 1/2 mths lovely colour, good size dark eye, pleasing head shape and conformation moved confidently for a baby.

Puppy Bitch(3) 1ab
1st Turnbulls Peakdowns Tilly blen soundly made with good pigment dark round eye moved well keeping her topline
2nd Rix & Berry Ricksbury Adele well boned,good conformation moved ok

Junior Bitch (6)
1st Turnbull Peakdown Lexi Blen another from this kennel who seem to be producing the goods at the moment, full of quality, well-made head lovely dark eye, clean neck and shoulders, good depth and couplings in good coat moved well, just needs maturity but time is on her side Best in Show,Best Puppy,
2nd Waters Angel’s Pride Valerie(Deu.Imp) nicely headed bitch well made, moved ok
3rd Mangham Charnavale Majic Touch

Maiden Bitch(2)1abs
1st Renuad Ellenuad Amaing Grace blen well made with good muscle, moved ok enjoyed herself

Novice Bitch(4) 1abs
1st Turnbull Lochbuie Evette At Peakdowns lovely size, good pigment, another very useful bitch moved well
2nd Waters Angel’s Pride Valerie
3rd Bell Lanola Savilla

Graduate Bitch(6)
1st Rix & Berry Ricksbury Rosanna blen with well-padded head and good pigment lovely shoulders body shape,kept her toplineon the move. Res Best In Show
2nd Hindle Ellisiana Aphrodite blen
3rd Deans Clockpelters Lucinda

Blenheim or Tricolour Post Graduate Bitch(4)1abs
1st Renaud Ellenaud Amazing Grace
2nd Grist Truejoy Angel Delight nice type in good coat
3rd Harbon Karbil Sleeping Beauty

Black&Tan Or Ruby Post Graduate Bitch(3)1abs
1st Rogerson Rabymar Paper Moon B/T in beautiful coat condition nice head and eye body shape, moved ok
2nd Bell Rachel Lisa Danielle b/t moved and showed well

Limit Bitch(2)
1st Fox Ricksbury Sitting Pretty nice headed bitch well cushioned, nice size, in good coat would have liked a little more of her
2nd Richardson Lorphil Matinee Kiss slightly larger on the day did not move as well

Open(3) 2abs
1st Tranters Johnjo Lady Megan blen nice head neck shoulders, felt she just lacked condition

Brace 1st Richardsons

Judge Mrs S.Loynd