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History of the Club

The Minutes of the Inaugural Meeting

Held at

The Great Northern Hotel - Leeds

31st August, 1969

Meeting Opened at 2.20 p.m.

Present 37 People



Apologies for Absence - Mrs. Halsall, Mrs. Keys, Mr. & Mrs. Wood, Miss Hailey, Mr. & Mrs. Holden, Miss Young, Mr. & Mrs. Mair, Mrs. Bonas, Mrs. Percival, Mrs. Ashall, Mrs. Phillips, Miss Dodds, Mrs. Massey, Mrs. Fellows.

Minutes - Minutes of the Preliminary meeting held at the Grosvenor Hotel, Manchester on January 19th were read and accepted.  Proposed Mrs. D. Williams, Seconded Mrs. D. Kennedy.

Chairman's Report - The Chairman welcomed all those present and stated that all procedures had been checked with the Kennel Club and the Acting Committee had followed the rules, he felt sure that everyone had the welfare of the Society at heart and that the venture should prove successful.  The Chairman then thanked those who had offered to donate trophies.  A vote of thanks to the Acting Secretary, Mrs. Nelson, was given by the Chairman.

Constitution & Rules - The Constitution and Rules as formulated at the Committee Meeting at Manchester were read.  The Secretary to have application forms for membership printed.  Proposed Miss B. Dyson, Seconded Mrs. Pugh.

Election of Committee - Mrs. Hughs & Mr. Schofield were appointed as Tellers.  The result of the postal ballot being as follows:-

Mrs. Palfree, Miss Nelson, Mrs. Kennedy, Miss Henshaw, Mrs. Simm, Mr. Williams, Mrs. Mair, Miss Gatheral, Mrs. Thirkell, Miss Dyson, Mr. Beck, Mr. Kennedy, Mrs. Coates, Mrs. Dean & Mr. Holden.

Election of President - Col. R.O. Gatheral was elected President.

Founder Members - The list of founder members was closed, the number being 46.

Ideas - During the counting of the ballet, suggestions for the Committee to discuss were put forward:


The new Committee having been selected Mr. Thirkell retired from the Chair.

Vote of Thanks - Mr. Williams proposed a vote of thanks to Mr. Thirkell for his very good work as Chairman of the Steering Committee.  Miss Palfree seconded the proposal.

Trophies - The following Trophies were recorded:-

Meeting closed at 4.15 p.m.  Tea & Biscuits being served.