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Reserve Best In Show - 2023 Open Show

Reserve Best In Show

Best Puppy In Show - 2023 Open Show

Best Puppy In Show

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Best Veteran In Show

Best Vintage In Show - 2023 Open Show

Best Vintage In Show

Venue: Thorpe Willoughby Village Hall, Thorpe Willoughby, Near Selby, North Yorkshire, YO8 9PA

Judge: Mrs. Linda Peirson (Kiltondale)

I thank the committee and exhibitors for making me feel so welcome judging their Open Show and for the encouragement and support they have shown me during my journey in judging Cavaliers.

I found temperaments were all good, as it should be, a happy toy spaniel. A few showing white of eye, which spoils the soft expression and mouths need watching too.

Presentation in some exhibits was immaculate, some could have been better presented for advantage.

BIS was the Ruby Bitch, Toyswood Me Myself and I
RBIS & BOS was the Blenheim Dog, Verheyen Reacher at Craigowl
BPIS was Blenheim bitch, Kringleholme Corvette
BVIS the Ruby dog, Gransil Golden Nugget, ShCEx VW
BSPVIS the Tricolour bitch, Toscam McKayla


Veteran Dog
1, Gransil Golden Nugget ShCEx Vw. This Ruby male, I judged him at an open show not so long since, he never changes. He puts 110% into his performance and is always turned out immaculately. A true show dog with the most gorgeous head and expression, everything about him says ‘male’. He is balanced through out, in super condition and simply flows around the ring with little effort. BVIS
Minor Puppy Dog.
1, Carolus Coronation. A young dog just staring out and given his age has a super shape already l, his blenheim coat is nicely broken and correct texture. Has a good neck and shoulder placement, level topline with correct tailset. Moved beautifully.
2, Beardsley Smooth Criminal, Ruby of a larger size. In good coat and condition, nice shape, good head and expression, moved well but lost his topline on the stand.
3, LLapsttam Get Knotted
Puppy Dog
1, Beardsley Rumours, litter brother to 2nd in previous class and similar remarks apply but I liked the outline of this boy better moving. Good head and dark eye, happy disposition at all times, again he just loses his topline on the stand.
Junior Dog
One of the strongest classes of the day.
1, Verheyen Reacher at Craigowl, beautifully marked blenheim boy, he presents a super shape at all times, such a balanced dog. His head is broad and flat with such a pretty expression, framed with great fringes and the darkest pigment. His movement is correct as his construction would suggest. Best Dog.
2, Brymarden Busby for Almonroyd, there wasn’t much between these 2 dogs. Another with a super outline, rich colour coat in sparklingcondition, super head, dark eye and pigment. Liked his angles front and rear and his depth in chest. Very stylish on the move.
3,Arrowbien Jamie
Maiden Dog
1, Pamedna Jaques, black and tan, very nice dog who I think is a super shape, good front assembly and depth in rib, lovely head and gentle expression, moved well.
2 Luvtayls Newsflash, another nice type, who just didn’t settle on the move. Liked his shape and balance, pretty head and dark eye. Presented in great condition
3, Kensesqui Rascal Red Velvet
Novice Dog
1, Kensesqui Rascal Red Velvet, Ruby puppy who is of a taller build, he needs to fill out and mature, he has time on his side. Kind expression, such a happy character
Graduate Dog
1,Toraylac Havard, blenheim with a nicely broken coat. He showed well, presents a good outline and balance throughout. Super head with a dark eye and pigment. Moved well.
2, Pamedna Jacques, Ruby who just didn’t have the finish in body as 1. Moved very well and has everything there, will come into his own in time.
3, Lorankas Secret Charmer
Post Grad, Blen or Tri
1, Toraylac Havard
2, Kringleholme Kraftwerk JW, blenheim male, I really like this dog, gorgeous expression and kind eye, dark pigment, coat of lovely texture, would just like him with more substance, he moved well but slightly arched his back on the move.
3, Revaelann Nic Nac Paddy Wak
Post Grad, B/T or Tri
1, Rabymar New York, Ruby of a larger type, moved ok, he needs to fill out and grow some coat to look the part.
2, Carson Red Rebellion, thought this dog was beautifully presented but for me, he wasn’t balanced as he was low in leg and short in neck and this did show in his movement, he could do with a little more foreface to balance his head.
Limit Dog
1, Brymarden Touch of Gold of Charnavale, blenheim with a super coat, he has a beautiful head and eye framed by super ear fringes, present a lovely outline that was balanced with a level topline. Good angulation front and rear, sound mover.
2, Ellenaud Oliver Twist, this dog was very close up to 1st, a cobby dog with so much to like, balanced throughout, moves well, I think he could be shown better to get the best out of him.
3, Castlewytch Infatuation
Open Dog
1, Stavonga Sky Walker Kayceekay JW, blenheim who is a good shape and balance, liked his size, his coat is well broken, deep rib of good shape, cobby type with a super head and dark eye, moved well. RBD
Veteran Bitch
1, Lewharle Izzadorable for Lynmily, Such a feminine lady. I liked her size and shape, gorgeous head, is in great condition, moved so well
2, Chantismere Chanson D’Amour for Eithlynn, very similar in type to 1st, again so feminine throughout, gorgeous head and dark eye, moved well, just lost out on balance.
3, Stavonga Summer Sky


Veteran Bitch
1, Lewharle Izzadorable for Lynmily, Such a feminine lady. I liked her size and shape, gorgeous head, is in great condition, moved so well
2, Chantismere Chanson D’Amour for Eithlynn, very similar in type to 1st, again so feminine throughout, gorgeous head and dark eye, moved well, just lost out on balance.
3, Stavonga Summer Sky
Special Vintage Bitch
1, Toscam McKayla, I have to say that this Tri really is a credit to her owner. Such a melting expression with beautiful dark eyes and pigment, full dentition Rich tan markings, moved beautifully. Still carrying a good topline, her coat was in great condition as was she.
2, Carolus Miss Liberty, another little lady who I thought was so feminine and in great condition, so pretty in head with very good breed type. Very nice outline, moving and standing, a very happy girl.
Minor Puppy Bitch
Close up between 1 & 2
1, Carolus Camilla, such a pretty puppy, dark eye and pigment, super neck and shoulder placement, very good topline and tailset. Moved very well, has the makings to go on.
2, Kringleholme Caprice, again nothing to dislike on this youngster, nicely made throughout, just preferred the cleaner outline of 1.
3, Rabymar Secret Letter
Puppy Bitch
1, Kringleholme Corvette, litter sister to 2nd in mp. Blenheim with a clean broken coat, at this stage, she is balanced throughout, just needing to mature. Elegant neck with a good shoulder, level topline with a good tailset and croup. Happy little mover with great confidence. BPIS
2, Magiro Miss Dolly at Aldoricka, lots to like about this pretty puppy, would prefer more leg length for correct balance but she has a beautiful head, dark eye, quite mature in body at this stage.
Junior Bitch
1, Judyland Mischief, heavier marked but a lovely shape and body balance throughout, good depth of chest and rib, level topline with a good tail set standing and moving, happy mover.
2, Spindlepoint Gertie Jekyll, I thought this bitch eas giving so much away today, not as mature as 1st, but a happy showgirl with a lovely head and expression, carries a good topline and in good ciatvand condition, moved ok.
3, Luvtayls Fireflash Rose
Maiden Bitch
1, Toyswood Me Myself and I, just loved this ruby, her shape, her movement, has a gorgeous head and expression, dark eyes and pigment, has the width to her skull. She presented a typical outline with depth in her chest and rib, fully of breedvtype for me. Moved with a happy gait, was pleased to award her BB and BIS
2, Spindlepoint Gertie Jekyll
3, Magrio Miss Dolly at Aldoricka
Novice Bitch
1, Luvtayl Flash dance, Tri, another bitch that has so much breed type. Loved her head with such beautiful ear fringes, maybe a little heavily marked for some but this didn’t detract from her online and balance. Moved very well. RBB
2, Rabymar Hot Gossip, pretty b/t dark eye, good width of skull, she has a good outline but I think a little more animation. Gleaming coat and great condition, moved ok.
3, My Little Star Lights
Graduate Bitch
1, Luvtayls Reach Out In Faith, tri with such a pretty head with the darkest eyes, lovely neck and shoulder placement, cobby type with enough bone, correct tailset and croup, good angulation, moved very well.
2, Toraylac Honolulu, smaller type blenheim, very pretty, good coat and colour, just needed to be in firmer condition.
3, Carolus Miss Chloe
Post Grad Bitch, Blen or Tri
1, Brymarden Scarlet for Lynmilly, very pretty butch that has a super outline standing and moving. She’s such a happy little soul who clearly enjoys what she’s doing. Dark eye and strong pigment, nice width in skull, correct rib shape and depth, short strong loin, good topline.
2, Oaktreepark Royal Ava, liked the balance on this bitch, very good topline, pretty head, moved ok, just preferred the rear of 1.
3, Peakdowns Eugenia at Luvtayl
Post Grad Bitch, B/Tan or Ruby
1, Toyswood Me Myself and I
Limit Bitch
1, Brymarden Scarlet for Lynmily
2, Spindlepoint Nancy Reagan, sweet bitch with a pretty head and expression, her coat was in fabulous condition, moved well, just a little heavier in type.
3, Stavonga Skylark Kayceekay
Open Bitch
1, Carolus Miss Elsie, another pretty bitch from this kennel, lovely type who was full of enthusiasm for life. Balanced throughout, correct shape, head pleased for type. In great condition, she moved out so well.

1, Kringleholme Corvette/ Kringleholme Caprice
2, Carolus Miss Liberty/ Carolus Miss Elsie
3, Lewharle Izzadorable for Lynmily/ Brymarden Scarlet for Lynmily.

Special Award Classes – Dog or Bitch

Judge: Mrs. Norma Scott (Scotlass)

Thank you to the hard-working committee for inviting me to judge the Special Award Classes at your show, and thank you to the exhibitors for a lovely entry, I had a lovely day.

1 Gibson’s Millpoint Expressive at Toraylac
8-month petite Blenheim bitch in a wealth of coat which did not detract what was a lovely outline, correct mouth, large dark eyes giving the desired sweet expression, loved her femininity and size.
2 Kilcoyne’s Granasil Tea Leaf
7 Month Black and bitch, sweetest of heads and expression, jet black silky coat with rich tan in all the correct places, good topline giving a nice outline, correct mouth, a neat little girl.
1 Taylor’s Luvtayl Flashdance
17-month heave marked Tricolour bitch, good construction, level topline, dark eyes giving soft expression, moves with Drive fore and aft, at one with her handler, I have judged her before so lovely to see her maturing well.
2, Fox’s Brymarden Scarlet for Lynmily
Well-marked Blenheim of nearly 2 years, dark eyes with sweet expression, correct mouth, good shoulders and topline, ear feathering frames the face, happy disposition. judged her a puppy. maturing slowly.
1 Knight’s Carolus Miss Chloe
Two and half years lovely Blenheim bitch, lovely head, the eyes are liquid pools, with giving softest of expression, large lozenge, well set ears, moved out well for her handler, nice bitch.
2 Mangham’s Brymarden Touch of Gold
4-year-old Blenheim boy with rich dark chestnut coat on lovely condition dark eyes on masculine head,
Soft expression, well-made giving a nice outline on the move.